Chef to the Pros hands you her “Private Cookbook” … And Shows You
How To Eat Like Pro NBA, MLB, and NFL Athletes ... For As Little As $5/Meal
Find out …
  • Why you don’t need to spend $50+/day on meals to eat like a pro
  • How you can cook the exact meals NBA, NFL, and MLB stars eat in less than 30 minutes
  • And why desserts like chocolate brownies are actually good for your training
Dear Power Sports Athlete:
If you want to know how to eat exactly like the pros ... and squeeze out every drop of your performance ... without breaking the bank … 

Then this letter will show you how.

Because here’s the deal.

I've teamed up with a world-renowned sports chef — Jazz Leaf — to finally lift the curtain on exactly what the pros are eating … and how you can do the same for much cheaper and easier than you think. Starting from $1 a meal, and sometimes taking only 5 minutes to make.
Jazz has worked with the likes of TJ Leaf, Lonzo Ball, Bojan Bogdonovic, Doug McDermott, Dario Saric, Tom Welsh, Bryce Alford, Ike Anigbogu, and TJ McConnell to name a few.

And together we’ve compiled our years of experience in high-performance sports …

Into specific recipes which will help you:

Perform 100% day-in, day-out. Increase your brute strength. Improve your explosive power. And help you to recover faster than the competition.

By making sure your body gets exactly the right thing at the right time.
Just like the pro athletes do when they pay thousands for nutritionists every year.
But before I go into that, a word of warning:
It’s not a personal chef. You’re still gonna need to spend about 30 minutes a day actually cooking the recipes.

And I’m assuming you’re already maxed out on your training. Without proper training, these recipes aren’t going to do anything.

That said, if you want the best possible chance to get drafted or land that scholarship for a top college … then this is the book for you.
Now, I’m guessing I don’t really need to tell you why nutrition is so important. 

But if you’re anything like I suspect, you know you should have your nutrition dialed in. And yet you’re still eating junk food. You’re still eating fast food whenever you feel like it. And you’re thinking that because you’re working out, it doesn’t matter. 

Either that or you follow random advice from the internet — “eat chicken, brown rice, and broccoli” — and get so bored after a week that you quit.

In any case, know this:
It’s not your fault your diet isn’t where it should be.
Because the world of nutrition is full of conflicting information.

Blog posts from Pinterest cooks who may make some good tasting recipes but have never prepared an athletes pregame competition. Telling you how you should fuel your body for optimum performance.

Kind of like a child who plays race car video games giving their parents advice on driving. And you think to yourself:

“They’ve never walked the walk.”

And even when you see people who have, like LeBron James or The Rock, talking about their diets … you hear that they spend $300/day on high end foods and think:
“If I was made of money, of course I’d eat that!”
Performing at the top would be a walk in the park if you had the money to pay others to cook for you, massage you and treat your body for optimal performance. 

But, unfortunately … you’re not there...Yet.

Which means you need to find an affordable way to focus on optimal nutrition. 

Because, as you know, the margins are so fine … that you can’t afford not to. The guys who win have every part of the game optimized. But ...
You can eat like a professional athlete — it's just about how bad you want it.
How do I know?

Because I’ve been working with pros for 12 years. 

I have seen the transformation that takes place when an athlete decides to treat his diet as seriously as his training.

And these aren’t people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

So if proper nutrition isn’t something you’re focussing on right now ...
Then what are you waiting for?

How can you be 100% dedicated to every other aspect of your training … and yet miss one of the biggest needle movers?

Luckily … you made your way over here and we have you covered.

That’s why I teamed up with an actual chef to the pros, Jazz Leaf, to prove once and for all that anyone can learn how to eat like a professional athlete for an affordable price.
The Secrets of an NBA Chef
You might never have heard of Jazz Leaf, but in the tight-knit world of professional sports …

She’s well known and sought after.  

You see, she’s been in professional nutrition for years.

And she first started cooking in her home for her brother, TJ Leaf, when he was a teenager. When he signed for the Indiana Pacers, she moved down to Indianapolis to work as a full-time private chef for him.

From there, she started working for more players within the Pacers fold — TJ Leaf, Bojan Bogdonovic, Doug MCdermott, and TJ McConnel

And then eventually even cooking for the away players when they came through town.
The likes of Dario Saric, Lonzo Ball, Tom Welsh and Bryce Alford.

And when word spread to me about her services and the value she was providing for professional athletes I had to introduce her to my other athletes and to the world. 

I needed someone with the scientific backing and this experience to show my athletes how possible it is to eat for optimal performance and make it affordable. 

And after a few conversations I found out:
She has a private “Performance Enhancing” Recipe Book
That contains all of the recipes she has used to help the pros perform at the top level — year-in, year-out.

She spent the last 6 years of her life dedicating herself to this craft, and testing the best combinations of foods and recipes for professionals to follow to perform their best.

I informed her that I was in the athletic performance industry and I was constantly looking for that edge for my athletes.

I explained I share all my experiences and findings that produce results with my athletes via the internet and my social platforms and would love to share her insights so every athlete can have access to what elite professionals do.

Without hesitation, she explained how excited she was to help more athletes fulfill their dreams and perform their best in competition and training.
Introducing: Recipes 4 Athletes
Recipes 4 Athletes is the book that shows you exactly what your favorite pro athletes are eating to become the best of the best.

There’s a reason Tom Brady can still win Super Bowls at 43 years old. 

There’s a reason Roger Federer is still winning grand slams at 39, when the average tennis player retires at 27 ...

These athletes use their nutrition and recovery to get to the top, and stay there.

And Jazz’s recipes will help you do exactly that.
Here’s what you’ll find in Recipes 4 Athletes:
  • 32 of the exact recipes major NBA, MLB, and NFL stars use to supercharge their performance
  • 15 minute blender pancakes that contain 850 calories and 27g of protein per serving (find out over on page 8)
  • The absolute best and worst time to eat chocolate during the day!
  • ​Only got 5 minutes? Prepare these blueberry peanut butter overnight oats for breakfast for the week (Page 7)
  • ​A delicious BBQ chicken pizza, that takes only 10 minutes to cook, and is the perfect pre-game snack (check it out on page 15)
  • ​Looking for some veggie options? Load up on healthy carbs with our cheesy vegetarian chilli (over on page 22)
  • ​How to create your own high protein bagels to start off your day right (over on page 13)
  • ​The bliss bites that TJ Leaf uses during his workouts to push harder (page 37)
  • ​The rapid chicken shawarma, that you’ll be cooking three days a week it’s so tasty (over on page 26)
  • ​And much, much more
“But wait … can’t I just find these recipes online?”
Look, if you want to go searching through the internet … trying to piece together a meal plan that pro athletes pay thousands for …

Good luck to you.

The exact recipes the pros use, how to cook them, and when to eat them for optimum performance …

Isn’t something that’s easy to find.

There are a million blogs out there claiming to tell you what you should be eating. But a lot of the time these meals are for weight loss, or some other fitness goal…

Not for Power Athletes. Not for Optimal Performance.

Because, as a Power Athlete, your nutrition has to be very different. It’s not the same as a bodybuilder, or a golfer, or a runner.
“What if I don’t have the time to cook these meals”

Most of the recipes in this book take less than 30 minutes to make.

And, they’re going to be so delicious that you’re going to want to cook them every day. Things like: Cookie Dough Balls, Chocolate Brownies, and BBQ Chicken Pizza.
And, remember, your nutrition is the thing that will give you that extra edge when you need it most. 

In other words: it could be the deciding factor in whether you make it or not. And with all the hours you spend training every day, I think you can afford to spend an extra 30 minutes making sure your nutrition is dialed in.
With a Special Bonus: BONUS PRODUCT
The exact smoothies NBA athletes drink to optimize training … help with cramp and muscle twitching … and quickly consume huge doses of protein.

Which can be made in less than 5 minutes pre-training
  • Almond Butter Smoothie
  • Tropical Green Smoothie 
  • Blueberry Lemon Green Smoothie
  • ​Coffee Lover’s Protein Shake
  • ​Strawberries and Cream
How to eat like a pro for $37
Recipes 4 Athletes is going to cost you only $37.

And bear in mind …

These are the exact recipes that professional athletes use at major NBA, MLB, and NFL teams. The recipes that Jazz is paid thousands every year to make for these players.

So click the link below to take your game to the next level now.


And to make it even sweeter ....
Try Recipes 4 Athletes FREE for 60 days
With proper nutrition, I’ve seen athletes who thought they had reached their ceiling …Hit new heights in single off-seasons to transform their careers.

Which is why I’m so confident that it will revolutionise your training, that I’m letting you try it for free for 60 days.

So if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your performance over the next 60 days …
Then just ask for a full refund and it’ll be back in your bank account in 24 hours, no questions asked. 

Click the link below to buy yours now.

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