How to Fuel Your Body For Maximum Performance, Quicker Recovery, Faster Muscle Gain, and More Explosiveness
How to Fuel Your Body For Maximum Performance, Quicker Recovery, Faster Muscle Gain, and More Explosiveness
Learn the Not-So-Secrets of Eating for Optimal Performance
How to Fuel Your Body For Maximum Performance, Quicker Recovery, Faster Muscle Gain, and More Explosiveness
Learn the Not-So-Secrets of Eating for Optimal Performance
Is it just tracking macronutrients?

Is it fasting?

Is it keto?

Or do they eat as much as they want because they’re active?
Most athletes believe that they can follow the nutritional parameters of bodybuilders, or powerlifters, or even women looking to lose weight, but in the cut-throat game of athletics…
That Just Doesn’t Work
Being a Power Athlete and eating like a traditional dieter is like fueling a Lamborghini with standard fuel… It won’t run it’s best and eventually… You’re going to break down.

Proper nutrition ensures that doesn’t happen, and can give you a performance edge.
However, if you neglect your nutrition...

It’ll give your competition an edge over you...

This said,

If you want to find out how to eat as an athlete to optimize your performance, gain lean muscle mass, build strength, become more explosive, and supercharge your workouts keep reading…
Because I’m about to share the 3 staples of athletic nutrition that will make your performance explode.

But, first, a quick back story…

Just a few years ago,
I Teamed Up With a Nutritionist
And he’s a nutrition wizard.

More importantly,

He’s grounded in the fundamentals, which means he’s simple, to-the-point, and effective…
His name is Jake Gottesman.

For the past few years, I’ve given him the green light to work with my highest caliber athletes. These are guys I’m very protective of.

And I had no second thoughts handing them over to Jake because he’s got an impressive resume.

Jake received his Masters in Exercise and Nutritional Science from University of Tampa, which hosts one of the largest facilities in the country for exercise and nutritional research studies. The research team at University of Tampa works with actual high level athletes to perform studies that will provide them information to apply to their sports teams.
Shortly after graduation, Jake had the opportunity to work with an MLB Organization. He helped analyze the players’ physical metrics, arranged their supplementation, and helped accelerate their recovery from workouts and games.

Jake also worked with professional MMA Fighters, professional Karate Fighters, and College Track athletes on the side.

He did all of this, while fueling his own athletic feats. 

In the last few months, Jake broke the USPA’s State Bench Press Record, and at another powerlifting meet, he shattered the RPS’s State Records in squat, bench press, and overall total.

And the reason behind all of Jake’s success is his unique approach to nutrition.

Since I handed my athletes off to him. He’s played a huge role in their athletic development.

He’s helped them:
  • Supercharge their workouts
  • Keep their energy levels high throughout the day
  • Fully recover from each training bout
  • ​Meet their unique metabolic demands
  • ​Eliminate useless fat
  • ​Add lean muscle mass
And you can have all of this for yourself too... 

By sticking to Jake’s…
 3 Parameters for Performance Nutrition
1. Performance Macronutrient Ratio
Your macronutrient ratio is the TYPE of fuel for your body.

And if traditional dieters need standard fuel… Power athletes need diesel.

Traditional dieters usually consume diets that are low in fat and carbohydrates to shed as much weight as possible. However, they usually lose muscle mass in the process.

If you’re an athlete and you eat like this, you’re going to run into additional issues such as:
  • Longer recovery from workouts and games
  • Sluggishness and low energy levels
  • Slower muscle and strength gains
  • ​Muscle atrophy and weakness
  • ​Trouble sleeping
And a bunch more.

This said, there’s a particular macronutrient ratio that most athletes should stick to. We call it Performance Macros at OTA. Performance Macros are delicately set to address the unique energetic needs of the power athlete.

These Performance Macros are adjustable based on each athlete’s needs, which I’ll show you how to do in a second…

But the bottom line is… 

Performance macros will help maximize your performance, energize your mind and body, and can add a new element to your game.
2. Meal Frequency
The science has spoken.

You gain more muscle, energy, and stay leaner from eating multiple meals a day than you would from just one.

Example: Studies have shown that it’s more optimal to spike muscle protein synthesis with multiple meals throughout the day, as opposed to a single spike of muscle protein synthesis with a single meal.

If you don’t know, muscle protein synthesis is the body’s use of protein to build and repair muscle.

And common sense says that if muscle protein synthesis stays steady throughout the day, as opposed to one single spike, that will lead to better recovery, and more athletic gains.
It’s more efficient for building muscle, and transforming your body.

But, lack of muscle-building efficiency isn’t the only ill of poorly planned eating…

You can mess up your metabolism with erratic eating.

In some cases, you’ll end up gaining a bunch of weight while eating like a pigeon. 

This will make you look like a balloon animal, and wreck your energy levels.

The only way out of this trap is to eat more food, and eat more frequently.

And Jake has combed through a mountain of research to give OTA Athletes specific guidelines for how many meals they should eat a day to maximize nutrient utility, that is the body actually USING the nutrients from food, not storing it as inefficient fat mass.

This means OTA Athletes are gaining strength and muscle faster, 

Recovering from workouts quicker,

And experiencing soaring energy levels that they can use for intense training sessions.
3. Meal Timing
Meal timing goes hand in hand with meal frequency.

Both need to be kept in mind to maximize your body’s use of nutrients,

Keep your weight stable,

And provide your body with steady waves of energy.

Common sense says you can’t hit on these three outcomes by eating 4 meals in 4 hours, right?


An athlete has to delicately time their meals to optimize performance.
And they have to be even more delicate with when and what they eat around their workouts, practices and competitions.

If you eat a heavy meal of pasta and bread before a game, chances are you’re going to move slow and heavy. 

Plus, you run the risk of tossing your cookies.

On the other hand,

If you go a long period of time without eating before a game, you’ll be running on empty…

And your performance will plummet shortly into the game.
Transform Into The Optimal Athlete
When you drill down these parameters the way Jake lays them out,

You become the Optimal Athlete.

The optimal athlete is an athlete who hovers around an 8-10% body fat percentage. This is enough body fat to build muscle mass, strength, and maintain high energy levels, but not so much that it impacts performance.
Performance Macros give the optimal athlete the fuel to perform powerful movements like box jumps, med ball side tosses, single leg broad jumps, or power cleans,

And more,

Performance Macros allow the optimal athlete to maintain steady performance over his hour-plus of training.

The good news is…

You can become an optimal athlete too, when you jump into:
Performance Macros give the optimal athlete the fuel to perform powerful movements like box jumps, med ball side tosses, single leg broad jumps, or a power cleans,

And more,

Performance Macros allow the optimal athlete to maintain steady performance over his hour-plus of training.

The good news is…

You can become an optimal athlete too, when you jump into:
Nutrition Manual
The Performance Nutrition Manual is a total tell-all.

It reveals the not-so-secrets behind OTA Athletes’ massive success.

I say not-so-secrets because the information inside of The Performance Nutrition Manual isn’t groundbreaking, innovative, or mind-blowing. No, it’s just the most up-to-date nutritional research molded into guidelines - guidelines that help you provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform at a high level.

And inside the Performance Nutrition Manual, you’ll find:
  • A Complete Guide to Eating For Optimal Athletic Performance, and Recovery
  • How many meals a day should an athlete eat? Many athletes are eating too few, others are eating too many. Discover the sweet spot inside
  • When it’s necessary to lower your protein intake (many athletes don’t know this, and it can lead to inefficient mass gain and lower performance)
  • ​How to calculate how many calories you need to gain weight, lose weight, and maintain weight
  • ​The secrets of cutting weight without jeopardizing strength gains, muscle mass, or performance
  • A weird way to lose weight by eating more
  • ​You may be doing heavy damage to your metabolism (this is WAY more common than it should be, and it results in unsightly weight gain and fatigue) Find out what you’re doing wrong, and how to fix it.
  • What’s the best amount of time in between meals? Find out inside
  • ​The substance you eat every day that can slow down your workout recovery
  • ​An in-depth look at the body’s energy systems and how you can maximize the utility of each one
  • ​EXACTLY how many grams of carbs, fats, and protein you need to achieve your goals, whether that’s bulking, cutting, or maintaining
  • The most common micronutrient deficiencies in athletes and how to fix them (deficiencies in these micronutrients create muscle weakness, fatigue, and lower cognitive function)
  • ​Learn about the most common fad-diets and whether or not they should be followed by athletes
  • Did you know that dehydration has a negative impact on muscle contractions? Learn how much water you need to drink throughout the day, and during competition/training to negate these effects
  • ​Why less protein in a meal is better for muscle gain
  • Multiple Meal Plans for Training Days and Game Days
  • A .39 cent supplement that MULTIPLIES strength and power gains from your training
  • ​The BIGGEST mistakes you can make eating on game day
  • ​How eating candy can significantly BOLSTER your performance in the gym
And much, much more.

Here’s a Small Sample of the Successes Athletes are Getting With Performance Nutrition
So, How Much Does Performance Nutrition Cost?
The first time I ever worked with a nutrition coach, I was forking over $297 a month…

And if you’re a CPD Athlete, you have the option of hiring Jake for an extra $200 a month…

That said…

The Performance Nutrition manual shares the guidelines Jake uses with CPD Athletes, and Professional athletes, and gives them to you to use for yourself, your teammates, or your own athletes.

I could easily charge $500+ for this…

But, I’m committed to providing athletes with highly-effective resources that are affordable.

So, I’m going to offer this for a low, and more-than-fair,
That’s a no-brainer when you think of the wave of athletic gains that are headed your way as soon as you put these Performance Nutrition guidelines into practice…

Plus, you’re safe in the hands of...
The Performance Nutrition Power Guarantee
If for some reason, the information in the Performance Nutrition manual doesn’t help you reach your goals:
  • More Muscle
  • Brute Strength
  • Explosive Power
  • ​A Lean Body
  • ​Quicker Step
I’ll refund your money with a smile.

And I’m able to do this because Jake has been working with OTA Athletes for a couple of years now,
and he’s never had a single problem helping them achieve their goals…

He’s worked with guys and gals in normal sports like basketball, football, soccer, baseball….

And athletes in sports you may not even now exist, like skeleton, D10, Kenpo, Judo...

So, why wouldn’t he be able to help you reach your goals?

Answer is, he will help you reach your goals.

That said, if for some reason, you’re part of the .00001% that Performance Nutrition doesn’t work for, email me at

I’ll give you a refund with a smile and figure out a path for you to reach your athletic goals.
The Dividing Line Between Elite Athletes and The Mediocres
Many guys think it’s in the training methods…

The truth is, it’s in the overlooked things like mobility, regeneration, and of course nutrition.

And the best athletes have full-time nutritionists who alter their diet day to day.

Performance Nutrition is a nutritionist in a 84 page book.

A book that could change your athletic career... If you let it.

Just think…

The information in this book could be the difference between squatting 315 or 385,

The difference between jumping 26 inches, or jumping 32 inches,

The difference between huffing for air in the fourth quarter, or locking down an opponent in the last minute to secure a victory…

Nutrition is that powerful.

And the best athletes are doubling down on it…

Will you join them?
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