Baseball Training Program Reveals...
How You Can Increase Your Power
Bat and Arm Velocity, and 60 Time
(In Just THREE Simple Steps)
Did you know... 

The average MLB player runs 14 miles per hour from home to first, while the average high school player runs 12.5 miles per hour?

Or that the average MLB pitcher throws a 90.9 mph fastball, while the average high schooler tosses out a 75-83 mph fastball on average?
How about the fact that MLB players have an average bat speed of 80.1 miles per hour, while the average high schooler has a measly 69 mph swing speed on average?

These differences are pretty staggering, but there’s a simple way to bring your numbers up to professional standards. And it’s possible for you to do it in just 24 weeks.

If you want to learn how, read every word below carefully:
I’ve Noticed a BIG PROBLEM in The Baseball 
Strength and Conditioning World
And before I address that, let me fill you in on who I am...
...I’m Chris Barnard.

I’m head Strength and Conditioning Coach at OTA, a former D1 athlete, and I’m at the helm of a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. For almost 10 years, I’ve been helping athletes from all walks sprint more explosively, explode off the ground, run over their opponents, and become better overall players.

And as I said, 
I’ve noticed an ugly trend showing its face in the baseball strength and conditioning world… And this trend strips away any hope an athlete has of improving his on the field performance.
Here's the Problem...
A lot of baseball strength coaches are doing a great job of addressing small details but doing a horrendous job of giving players the attribute that matters…
Here's What I Mean:

A few years ago, I received a call from a sports agent.

Turns out,
He Was Representing a Recent 
MLB Draft Pick
And the agent was seeking a new strength coach to take his player’s game to the next level.


Baseball coaches don’t want one-trick ponies anymore.

They’re looking for players who have the 5 tools - speed, power, hitting for average, fielding, and arm strength.

This player had gone to other strength coaches in hopes of elevating those tools.

While these strength coaches did a good enough job maintaining him, the player didn’t see significant increases in those areas.

These coaches spent too much time fiddling with resistance bands, doing extraneous stretches, and obsessing over the most minute mechanical details. They were essentially treating the player like a box with the words “fragile” on it.

And don’t get me wrong…

There’s a time and place for band work, mechanics-focused drills, and shoulder health...

None of That Stuff Matters if You Don’t Have the Power To Hit The Ball Out of The Infield
The player wasn’t running the bases better, wasn’t hitting the ball farther, and his fielding was stagnant.

He was essentially the same player as he was in high school.
So, my eyes got bright and my chest picked up when I heard these details. Even for me, it’s not every day that a lay-up opportunity like this smacks me in the forehead.

I knew I could make an impact,


I knew the man’s son would see rapid results.

Soon, he was in the gym four times a week. And every time he’d leave looking like he just jumped in a pool.

Yeah, we worked on his structural integrity… I worked to untangle his body through corrective stretches, repaired malfunctioning muscles, even worked on his shoulder and hip stability and range of motion…

But, I really focused on laying down bricks of speed, power and strength.

I had him performing explosive sprints, aggressive, technical plyometrics, and had him pulling heavy weight.,,

A few things that would…
Give Other Baseball Strength Coaches a Heart Attack if They Saw a Top Draft Pick Training This Way…
I only had a few months to work with him before he reported to camp…

And when he did, I sat back and watched from the sidelines.

Few weeks later the feedback was insane.  
The head of player development for his organization even contacted me wondering what the hell we did this past off-season, as the other prospects on the team had either remained the same, or had only seen small increases.
Crazy part is...
This Was Just From Three Months of Training
Even crazier:

By the time the end of the season rolled around,

The young man had increased his home run total by 350%,

Led his league in triples, with a 75% increase (which is a testament to his newly acquired speed),

Had a 50% increase in stolen bases,

And led his league in batting average AND slugging percentage.

In other words…

With just 24 weeks of hard work, this young man slammed over three times more balls out of the park, dashed for almost two times more triples, AND put his team in better scoring position by slyly stealing more bases.

This kid was a dream for his coaches…

And after the season, he was given All-Star honors.
Here's How I Did It
I use the same three-step approach every time when I train a baseball player...
First, I Develop Structure
Structure is the foundation of an athlete.

You can think of building structure as giving your car a tune up. Sometimes you need to turn off malfunctioning machinery and replace it, lube up some parts, or tighten up some screws.

In the body, you need to shut off overactive, tight muscle groups, lube up the joints to restore range of motion, and tighten up, or turn on, muscles that aren’t firing properly.
Corrective stretches, pre-hab movements, and stability exercises will give you the full body tune-up that will have you throwing harder, and swinging faster.
And Science Supports The Link Between a Structurally Sound Body and Improved Performance
In a study done on catcher’s throwing mechanics, researchers found that activation of the gluteal (butt) muscles play a prime role in maintaining stability during a throw. It also provided the gas behind a throw.

The study went on to find that an inability to engage the butt leads to faulty movement patterns that results in injury to the obliques, knees, groin and more.
Do the injuries happen immediately?


But, faulty movement patterns are like a disease that wades beneath the surface, and with each wrong move, each mechanically incorrect throw, the disease gets stronger and stronger until it strikes the body and sidelines a player.
Another study showed that malfunctioning muscles result in diminished throwing velocities.
In a study done on pitching and throwing mechanics, researchers found that greater gluteal activation in a throw results in greater core stability, which leads to higher throwing velocities… AKA a stronger arm.

This makes sense because when you throw, power is transferred from your legs, through your torso, and into your arms. If your torso isn’t stable, that power is lost, and your throwing velocity will suffer.

Even worse.. 

Players who can’t control their torso stability are at HIGH risk for injury.

This is why I start with the structure. It creates proper movement patterns that lay a solid foundation to build dynamic strength, power, and explosiveness upon.
Next, I Take Time To Build Strength
By now, I’m sure you’ve had teammates who could push tons of weight on a bench press, but when it comes time to take the field, the coach sends their asses to the bench.

This is because these athletes are building static strength, which is what oversized powerlifters do.
As a baseball athlete, you’re not in a sport that requires you to move heavy barbells to succeed. You’re in a sport that requires you to express your strength dynamically through the swing of your bat, the whip of your arm, and the burst in your sprint.

And while static strength will give you a little ego boost in the gym, you’ll need dynamic strength if you want to excel on the field.
I build dynamic strength through the use of primal movement patterns, then I manipulate these movements with calculated intensities and tempos.

I also utilize a unique method of strength training that’s still relatively unknown, but has been powerful in making monsters on the field…
And this Unique Strength Method is Backed 
by the Scientific Method...
At a college in Minnesota, a baseball strength coach was trying to find the best method to repeatedly increase his players’ acceleration.

To find the best method to do so, he tested a special strength method (the same one I use with my baseball players) against traditional strength and conditioning methods. 

He’d measure the effectiveness of each method by gauging progress in an acceleration drill.

So, he split his team into two groups.
One group performed the acceleration drill every day, and followed a traditional strength and conditioning program. 

The other group did NOT going to perform the acceleration drill at all, but they followed the special strength method I spoke of above.
Finally, I Top It Off With Speed
The Result?
After 4 weeks, the group that was actually performing the acceleration drill and following a traditional strength program cut a measly .1 seconds off of their time in the acceleration drill.

The other group, the one following the special strength method, in absence of the acceleration drill, shaved a staggering .4 SECONDS off of their time.

So, what’s the reason for the eye-popping difference?

The special strength method prepared the baseball players bodies to handle high forces while accelerating, sprinting, and decelerating. 

And this is something traditional strength and conditioning methods DON’T DO.

Now take a second and imagine the impact shaving .4 seconds off of your sprint from home plate to first base would have on your game…

Crazy, right?

Hold on, It gets better...
Now take a second and imagine the impact shaving .4 seconds off of your sprint from home plate to first base would have on your game…
Crazy, right?

Hold on, It gets better...
Speed is the cherry on top of the other two steps, and it has to do with moving your body explosively and dynamically.

Essentially, in the speed phase we’ll move your power levels up to the peak of a large mountain.

To do this, you’ll perform sports-specific speed drills and explosive plyometric exercises that will give you power that translates seamlessly to the field of play.
And, again, the latest exercise science backs the methods I use.
Science Shows...
Explosiveness training, such as plyometrics and ballistic med ball training, have a significant impact on running speed and throwing speed…

In one study, a group performing this kind of explosiveness training increased their throwing velocity by a hefty .45 miles per hour in just 10 weeks. That may not seem like much to the untrained eye, but if you could increase your throwing velocity by .45 mph every 10 weeks for a year, you’d increase your throwing speed by staggering 2.3 miles per hour in just a year.

And that’s with just surface level, basic explosiveness training. 

Imagine what can happen when you perform more advanced power training.
Even Crazier
    The group that performed explosiveness training increased their running speed by 2 mph on average. Some increased theirs even more.

    To put that in perspective, if you run 17 mph from home to first base, you’ll get to first base in 3.95 seconds. If you track 2 mph on to your running speed, like the players in this study did, you’ll get to first base in 3.32 seconds, which shaves 16% off your run time!
    Again, they made these insane increases in just 10 weeks.

    And because throwing and hitting recruit almost identical muscle groups, it’s safe to assume that the explosiveness training group also increased their bat speed.

    Such is the power of plyometrics when you utilize them correctly.
    That’s the Difference Between a Ground Out and Squeezing Your Way Onto First Base for a Single.
    How can YOU Use This Three-Step Method?
    This simple three step method has turned my gym into a baseball factory that takes in the average high schooler, or struggling pro, places them on the conveyor belt, and manufactures a refined athletic specimen who’s quick, strong, confident, and always a threat at the plate.

    So how can you utilize this method yourself?


    You can try and combine the parameters I’ve laid out here to craft your own plan,

    But that’d take a lot of guesswork, wasted time, and you run the risk of getting injured through faulty programming.





    You could fly down to St Petersburg and train one-on-one with me in the Florida heat, but that would cost a couple thousand per month…

    Your last option, maybe the smartest one, is to grab my Baseball Power Program.
    Baseball Power Program
    The Baseball Power Program places the 3-step method I laid out above into a 24 Week program designed specifically to increase your hitting power, arm strength, throwing velocity, and overall speed…

    And inside the Baseball Power Program, you’ll find:
    • A scientifically-backed, real world tested program that effectively creates high levels of power, explosiveness, speed and strength in the athlete who uses it (not another slopped together “meathead” program that’s an injury waiting to happen)
    • ​The easy to follow approach to building dynamic strength that easily translates into better performance on the field.
    • Underused pattern integration exercises that’ll ensure the uninterrupted flow of power through your body, resulting in faster bat speed, and stronger throws
    • ​The keys to developing the absolute strength necessary to build tons and tons of power upon
    •  A comprehensive list of muscles that lead to injuries for most rising stars and how to properly repair these muscles to avoid injury
    • ​How to “trick” your body into becoming more explosive (this is a process that just takes minutes)
    • Special movements to reactivate the musculature of the shoulders and back, preventing injuries and lengthening your career (these quick movements replace the hours of fiddling with bands that some so-called “experts” do)
    • ​An A-to-B progression of core exercises that are underused by most baseball athletes, but can make the difference in your hitting, pitching, and even base running by creating supreme core stability and strength
    • The simple strength tactic that will fool your body into recruiting more fast-twitch muscle fibers (fast-twitch fibers are responsible for explosive actions, such as sprinting and swinging)
    • Sports-specific speed drills that will take the strength and power you develop throughout this program, and seamlessly transfer it to the field
    • A technique to make plyometrics actually worth your while (most guys waste their time doing plyometrics because they do them WRONG)
    • Special pressing variations that safely add power and strength behind your bat and arm without compromising your shoulder health
    • ​Don’t Get Lost. Inside you’ll find in-depth videos of how to perform every movement inside of the Baseball Power Program
    • And a whole bunch more...
    So How Much is Baseball Power Program?
    The Baseball Power Program is a manifestation of strength and power methods I’ve discovered over the years.

    It took me years of experience, studying, learning, and of course, spending money on books and courses to arrive at these methods, and test them to make sure they were foolproof and effective.

    As such, I could offer this program to you at a hefty $479 tag price without even batting an eye,
    However, I want these methods to be readily available to baseball players everywhere…

    So, I’m going to make it available for the reasonable price of
    TODAY ONLY $97
    Plus I'm going to sweeten the deal by giving you my...
    90 Day No-Small-Ball Money Back Guarantee
    I’m so confident in the methods I’ve laid out for you in Baseball Power Program that if after 90 days, you don’t see a noticeable difference in your arm strength, bat speed, or sprinting velocity, I’ll refund every penny of your investment with a smile.

    No questions asked.

    Why can I do this?

    Because I don’t play small ball. I don’t mess around with small results.

    Year after year the group of professional players seeking out my coaching steadily increases. Just a few years ago I had two professional players under my guidance. Flash forward to this year, I almost didn’t have enough space in the gym for the wave of players that came crashing in.

    And this is just a testament to the power of the baseball training methods I’ve discovered over the years, and the BIG transformations I offer these players during their time with me.
    Heads Up: Don't Buy This Program If...
    There are a few things I want to nip in the bud before you rush over to grab this program.

    First, if you’re not fully convinced that this kind of training will elevate your game, don’t purchase this product. 

    By now, I’ve laid out the facts and science behind strength training’s MASSIVE impact on baseball performance. If you haven’t put two and two together yet, this ain’t for you.

    Second, if you’re the type of player who texts between sets, double taps pictures on Instagram while slouched on a bench, or regularly skips training sessions, don’t grab this program. 

    This isn’t a miracle pill. This program only works if you do.

    Finally, if you’re someone who isn’t resourceful, and is quick to make excuses, this program isn’t for ya.

    This program requires you to find a gym space, as well as a space to sprint, jump, and perform medicine ball tosses. It will take a little thinking outside the box to find an area that encompasses all of these traits.

    If you’re not willing to do that kind of thinking, don’t grab this program, as I don’t want it to gather dust.

    If you’re someone who has some dog in you, and you’re willing to pour out some sweat, pound the body into exhaustion and allow it to grow back stronger and more powerful. If you’re someone who makes no excuses and does what needs to be done…
    You’re the type of person I created Baseball Power Program for. And it will work for you...
    Just Like It's Worked for Dozens of Other High Achieving Players:
    If You Had Access to a Proven System, What Excuse Would You Have?
    If you could gain access to an extensive strength and conditioning program that professionals use,

    What excuse would you have for mediocrity?

    Would you say that lifting weights is too hard?

    That it’s too confusing?

    That you’re afraid you’ll break a nail?

    Truth is, there’s no adequate excuse for not succeeding now. You’ve seen behind the curtain, you know what the pros do, and you can’t unknow it.

    So now you have two choices.

    You can live the rest of your life on a cloud of could-haves, what-ifs, and regrets - What-if I tried harder, I could-have been great, I should’ve listened.


    You can shut up, nut up, and grab the Baseball Power Program and let your performance do the talking.

    Choice is yours

    The Baseball Power Program... Available TODAY for 
    TODAY ONLY $97