The “Experts” Have It Wrong...
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Some “experts” say the best way to swing and throw with more power is to focus solely on mechanics.

Some “experts” want you to spend hours doing shoulder mobility and “health” exercises that waste your time and keep you from progressing.

Some “experts” want you to stay away from lots of strength movements that’ll actually add tons of power, explosiveness and success to your game.
And some “experts” only focus on baseball related muscle groups, neglecting the rest of the body causing injury, disappointment, and hopelessness.
I’m done hearing from “experts” who make it confusing and difficult for up and coming superstars
They’re feeding them the wrong info.

Years and years of these “experts” throwing around their “flawless advice” has complicated things when it comes to hitting and throwing at higher velocities.

It leaves most guys in the dark, unable to attain that 90-mph fastball or hit those towering home runs.

They’re running in circles putting every “proven method” to the test and coming out unsatisfied and disappointed. 

They might even suffer devastating injuries following their “sound” strength and conditioning programs.
And after they’ve tried every technique, every groundbreaking, never before seen method...
They come to a sad conclusion

That they’ve reached their maximum potential in terms of hitting and throwing velocity.

When it’s simply not true

But when you’ve tried everything and your velocity hasn’t budged, I don’t blame you for giving up.
But you’re capable of more
You deserve to reach your potential and I’m here to show you how

What if I told you that the method to hit TOWERING home runs and throw NASTY 4-seamers is WAY simpler than the “experts” have made it?
It’s well-within your reach

And with this training method, you’ll:
  •  Gain absurd amounts of power and explosiveness
  •  Go yard every game
  •  Attain a RIFLE for an arm
  •  Become injury resistant
  •  And much much more
But while the method I’m going to show you is simple, straightforward, and effective, you’re not going to see these incredible results overnight.

In fact, if you’re not dedicated, have trouble following programs all the way through, or are just looking for a shortcut or magic pill - this ain’t for you.

But if you’re a guy who’s committed, focused, and willing to do ANYTHING to get better, then you’ll be one of the guys who achieves amazing results with what I’m about to show you.
So What’s This Simple Method?
I’ve used this method for YEARS.

And this method has effectively sent guys to college, allowed guys to sign contracts, and turned heads every year during spring training.

So yeah, it’s pretty powerful.

In fact, I’d say it’s foolproof.

I’d go so far as to say that if you follow this program EXACTLY how it’s laid out 

and perform the exercises EXACTLY how they’re supposed to be performed…
I’ll guarantee an ABSURD increase in throwing velocity and hitting power.
Let’s dive in

This method consists of 3 phases - structure, strength and speed.

And each phase builds on the previous one until you reach the culmination of the program…

An explosive and powerful body just like Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw and Aaron Judge have.

Now let’s talk about...
The 3 phases to achieve a balanced, durable, strong, powerful baseball body:
During your season you throw thousands of times on your dominant side,

You swing on one side over and over again, 

This kind of stress to the body causes severe stress on the body and causes muscle imbalances

severe tightness in certain muscles, and improper muscle activation.
This phase is designed to address those stresses on the body and bring the body back into balance. 

Think of it as insurance for your playing career.

In this phase, we’ll utilize:
  •  Baseball specific corrective stretches 
  •  Prehab exercises designed to reactivate the shoulder and back musculature
  •  Core stabilization movements designed to build a strong foundation
  •  Integration movements to create an efficient transfer of power throughout the body
After we’ve brought the body back into balance and built a strong foundation, we can proceed to build ridiculous amounts of absolute strength on top of that.

In this phase we’ll utilize:

  •  Baseball specific corrective stretches 
  •  Prehab exercises designed to reactivate the shoulder and back musculature
  •  Core stabilization movements designed to build a strong foundation
  •  Integration movements to create an efficient transfer of power throughout the body
Now that we’ve built our layer of absolute strength it’s time to become powerful and explosive.

In this phase we’ll utilize:

  •  Plyometric exercises designed to increase force production and force absorption efficiency
  •  Top speed drills that will greatly increase your base running and ball tracking abilities
  •  Acceleration drills that will give you a quick first step and allow you to reach top speed more efficiently
  •  Powerful concentric movements to maximize the amount of muscle fiber recruitment in a short amount of time.
And honestly, this method works EVERY TIME.

It doesn’t matter their height, weight, athletic background, or even past success.

Once anyone finishes this program they become:
  •  More structurally sound
  •  Injury resistant
  •  Stable and more in control of their body
  •  Able to output large amounts of force
  •  An explosive hitter that has the ball soaring off their bat
And these are just a few of the results you’ll get from following this program.
But don’t take my word for it, listen to what some of my athletes have to say:
Bo Bichette, Dunedin Blue Jays
"I have been working with Chris since high school and have seen my bat velocity, arm velocity, and defense all improve drastically each off-season."
Jamaal Chaney, College Baseball
"My strength and quickness fielding improved off the charts and it definitely made a difference in the season."
Dante Bichette, New York Yankees
"The year after working with Chris I was able to drastically increase my speed and power hitting 
which was already above average."
It’s pretty plain to see that while the “experts” have done a fantastic job of making guys jump through hoops just to see a 3 mph increase on their throwing velocity...

I’ve been clearing the air, making things simple, and getting my guys the results they want.

And the difference is, the “experts” get their methodologies from heady books and scholarly journals

While I develop my methods from experience in the field the most practical and effective pieces of reading out there.
Bottom line - I ONLY do what works.
And if you wanna find out what the “experts” don’t know - or even worse- won’t tell you,

If you wanna uncover the simple, little-known training method to higher throwing and hitting velocities,

If you wanna learn the methods that JUST. WORK.

Then you’re in luck.
Check this out:
For the past 10 years I’ve trained some of the hungriest, most committed, and talented athletes around --- this includes ball players on the verge of making it to the Big League.

And recently I was asked by one of those ball players to compile my methods into a cohesive manual that they could carry around with them.

I one upped them and created not only a manual, but also a series of videos, AND a FULLY detailed strength and conditioning plan - 
complete with corrective stretches, prehab work, core stabilization exercises, plyometrics, complex movements and more.

I called it Baseball Power Program

And it’s specifically designed to have you throwing harder, going yard multiple times a game, and turn you into an absolute baseball stud.

The methods I’m presenting you with would work
Even if you’ve never picked up a bat in your life.
And here are just a handful of the tips, tricks, features and methods you’ll find in Baseball Power Program:
  •  A scientifically-backed, real world tested program that effectively creates high levels of power, explosiveness, speed and strength in the athlete who uses it (not another slopped together “meathead” program that’s an injury waiting to happen)
  •  A simple approach to making you stronger in the weight room and damn near invincible on the field
  •  Underused pattern integration exercises that’ll contribute to you hitting 354 ft BOMBS
  •  The keys to developing the absolute strength necessary to build tons and tons of power upon
  •  The muscles that lead to injuries for most rising stars and how to properly stretch them (most players and coaches are unaware of these muscles)
  •  How to trick your body into making you more explosive (this is a very quick process)
  •  The proper movements to reactivate your shoulder and back musculature, preventing injury and lengthening your career (these quick movements replace the hours “shoulder health” exercises the “experts” give you)
  •  A beginner to advanced progression of core stabilization exercises that are absolutely necessary for baseball success (underused by most guys)
  •  Compound movements that stimulate your nervous system and recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers
  •  How to perform Primal Movement Patterns that effectively mimic the fundamental movements of baseball so that your weight training translates DIRECTLY to the field
  •  A technique to make plyometrics actually worth your while (most guys waste their time doing plyometrics because they do them WRONG)
And speaking of making something worth your while…

I’ve spent many years learning the techniques and methods to developing ELITE levels of speed and quickness and I intend to share those methods in Baseball Power Program

You’ll discover…

Change of direction exercises that’ll greatly increase your ball-tracking ability and efficiency… 

Acceleration exercises that’ll make the suicide-squeeze a foolproof plan 100% of the time… 

Mechanics drills that ensure there are no energy leaks when you’re turning a double into a triple…

You can have all this and more...

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And there’s two reasons I do this:
  •  This method has worked over and over again on every baseball athlete that’s stepped through the doors of my gym. I know it works, they know it works, and it’s helped me develop my reputation for creating baseball studs.
  •  I don’t want people who aren’t going to follow through with the program wasting their dollars on this. So if there are people out there who purchase this with no intention of following the program, I want to give them the opportunity to get their money back and spend their money on something they feel comfortable using.
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The way I see it, you’ve got two options

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You can keep doing what you’re doing

Continue down the road of confusion, stagnancy, and disappointment

Maybe play D3 College ball,

Get older and be the best guy on your Beer League softball team,

And always wonder what could’ve been if you would’ve reached your full potential

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