Discover the NUMBER one Physical Attribute that all High Performing Athletes have in common
And learn the methods a Legendary NFL Player used to 
quickly develop this attribute
so YOU can use his methods for yourself.
Imagine you’re 12 years old again...
But you’re short, chubby, uncoordinated, and slow.

You’re constantly losing races to your friends, being picked last in gym class.

Constantly at the butt-end of jokes and being embarrassed...

You’re nowhere NEAR the athlete you want to be

What would be your first move?

Hit the weights hard, right? BENCH, SQUAT, DEADLIFT...
Then get out the agility ladder to work on your coordination and footwork

And after weeks and months and years of this, you’re an incredible athlete right?
You see, most athletes start hitting the weights LONG before their bodies are ready.
And when they skip that absolutely crucial step of building a foundation of relative strength there are horrible consequences that occur down the road.

Lack of coordination and athletic awkwardness, injuries, plateaus

and plain ol’ missed potential...

And these are just a small sample of the roadblocks you’ll meet if this critical step is skipped.
Let me explain….
What if I told you one of the top college running backs of all time WAS IN THE SAME SITUATION...
Former Heisman winner, ninth all time in the NFL for total yardage Herschel Walker...

He was short, chubby, and severely uncoordinated.

Didn’t even play a sport until high school.

But he had a very different approach to his problems.

He didn't start building up his bench press, or working on his squat.

He did the unthinkable.

The unconventional

Something that possibly holds the key to your missed levels of strength, core stability, muscle, body control, coordination.
He became a bodyweight badass.
Yup, Herschel Walker stuck to a strict calisthenics routine to develop his  levels of athleticism and strength.

And not only did he dominate in the NFL...

He was also a Two-Time All American Selected sprinter,

an Olympic competitor,

a fifth degree black-belt in tae-kwon do,

and recently an MMA Fighter.

And he never lifted a single weight until he was a few years into the NFL...

And I know what you’re thinking…
While some of this may be true...

He’d personally shake his head and laugh if you said that to him.

Because he knows the real truth to developing high levels of athleticism

And it isn't about how much you can bench or deadlift... 
It’s about having ridiculous RELATIVE STRENGTH.
I know you’ve seen those 300 pound linemen who can put up 405 on bench for reps but turn as red as a tomato when they try to do a pull-up.

You’ve seen dudes who can squat twice their bodyweight but can't get more than a ruler's height off the ground.

These guys have impressive amounts of absolute strength but they won’t ever become Elite Athletes for a couple of reasons:
  •  They have no control over their bodies. They’re not agile, fast, and can’t jump.
  •  They lack the strong foundation necessary to develop elite levels of explosiveness and power
  • They lack the relative strength to excel in their sport...
But what exactly is relative strength?
It’s the foundation for your athletic ability,

The stimulant for explosiveness and power,

The difference between riding the pine and controlling the field,

And it’s all about exerting impressive amounts of force without adding unnecessary pounds to your body weight.

So basically it's how strong you are for your size.

And I know you've seen these guys with insane levels of relative strength before…
Nate Robinson winning an NBA dunk contest at 5’9”
Darren Sproles pummeling through NFL opponents at 5’6”
Even Christian McCaffrey racking up 211.6 all purpose yards per game and handling the heaviest workload in the NCAA the past two years
These are great displays of athletes who are INSANELY strong and athletic for their size.

And you don't have to be short and lightweight to obtain insanely high levels of relative strength.

In fact, almost every athlete you see on TV has freak levels of relative strength.

It's almost a requirement...
LeBron has them

Ezekiel Elliott has them

Kris Bryant has them

Any athlete who's experienced any amount of superstardom has them

Bottom line is, you NEED to have a certain level of relative strength to become the high performing athlete you want to be
And you need to know…
With high levels of relative strength you’ll have a strong, stable foundation that you can build high levels of explosiveness and strength upon.
You’ll have the body control to make clutch sideline catches,

You'll have the core stability to take hits from opponents and stay on your feet.

I could go on and on about the benefits of obtaining high levels of relative strength

But look…

The methods I’m about to share with you are effective.

And honestly, if everyone knew how crucial relative strength is, and if everybody learned these methods, pro sports would be FLOODED.
But not everyone’s cut out to be an Elite Athlete, and not everyone will follow the methods I’m about to share with you.
And it doesn’t take 1,000 push-ups, 3,000 sit-ups, and 1,500 pull-ups every day to build crazy athleticism with your bodyweight.

In fact, you have an advantage.

Because while Herschel Walker started his bodyweight badassness early, he lived on a farm.

He didn’t have access to any scientifically proven methods.
He spent hours and hours chasing bulls and doing endless rounds of push-ups and pull-ups.

And that may work, but there’s a more efficient method to building the relative strength that’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to become an Elite Athlete.
  •  A method that uses specific exercises designed to stimulate your nervous system in a unique way to force your body to become athletic.
  •  A method that utilizes carefully calculated tempos to build a foundation that’s strong and durable.
  •  A method that manipulates your bodyweight to create a challenging and extremely effective workout.
  •  A method that makes use of complex training, which forces you to get more explosive.
  •  A method that gets you the same results as Herschel Walker in a fraction of the time.
And to use this method you don’t need weights, you don’t even need a gym.

All you need to do is show up and follow the plan exactly how I’ve laid out to become a TOP-LEVEL Athlete.

Whether you’re a hooper, a short stop, a cornerback, or a striker

It doesn’t matter what sport you play

You’ll develop ABSURD amounts of athleticism that will drastically boost your performance.

Are you prepared?

The Groundbreaking Bodyweight Method to Achieve INSANE Levels of Athleticism, Body Control, Strength, and Coordination
Here’s what you’ll find inside:
  •  A comprehensive 12 week program that will quickly build strength, muscle, and athleticism
  •  FRESH and EXCITING Exercises (no recycled garbage like the other calisthenic programs out there)
  •  In-depth Exercise Explanations so you’ll never be guessing how to perform any movement (most programs give vague instructions that are unhelpful and confusing)
  •  A Secret Way to stimulate more fast-twitch muscle fibers that will lead to Russell Westbrook levels of EXPLOSIVENESS
  •  How to develop core stability that will give you a STRONG and COMMANDING Posture and DRASTICALLY reduce your chances of injury
  •  The methods to develop INSANE Body Control and Coordination so you can make impressive sideline grabs like Julio Jones
  •  Multiple exercise variations so you can expect RAPID and CONSISTENT progress (plateaus are a thing of the past)
  •  Tempo-shock sets to literally force your body into becoming more explosive 
  •  Isometric-speed complexes that maximize motor recruitment, making gaining speed a simple task
  •  And much more...
And here’s what some successful athletes are saying about this method:

" When I first came across Athletic Calisthenic I wasn't to sure if this program was for me.

Since my job requires me to always be on the go I needed to find a good body weight program that would deliver the results I wanted.

AC was that program.

I'm no athlete but after going through this program I definitely feel more athletic.

Thanks Chris! "

- Larry Depaulma

"I've been lifting weights for over 5 years. When I was first introduced to Athletic Calisthenics I wasn't convinced that it could improve my athleticism given the fact that I have a history of lifting.
Well after 3 months of strict body weight training and no lifting I'm slowly getting back to the weights. 

The mind/muscle connection is crazy! I can control the weights rather than them control me.

This has definitely changed the game."

- Zach Zuccari

"My parents wouldn't let me get a gym membership because of my age. 

So I convinced them to buy my the best body weight program I could find.

That's where Athletic Calisthenics comes into play.

After going through the whole program I felt like a completely different athlete."


- Jacob Miller
So you can see this method is proven to work.

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I’ve been coaching athletes from all walks for years.

Professional, collegiate, high school.

Swimmers, hoopers, baseball players, you name it.

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And I’ve witnessed the athletic transformations that occur when you utilize Athletic Calisthenics. Your explosiveness, strength, body control… it can all be elevated with Athletic Calisthenics.

Honestly, I wish there was a program like this when I was on the come-up as a young athlete.

It would’ve saved me tons of time and effort that I wasted on useless training methods and programs.
I Discovered the Methods That Work… You Don’t Have To
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But really, you should expect impressive results.

Training techniques come and go.

With more and more BS out there, the actual truth (what works) is getting more and more distorted..

But these bodyweight techniques I’ve discovered have been set in stone and backed by kinesiological studies for quite a while now.

And if you're at ALL interested in becoming a better athlete... this is an opportunity you can't miss

The standard training techniques used by most athletes have become stale and old.

They lead to plateaus and wasted time.

Not to mention injuries.

If you want to follow the road of broken dreams and mediocrity, then stick with the standard.

But the new wave of Elite Athletes on the rise are only interested in the most Powerful and Effective Training Methods.

And your opponent is too.

Imagine what your life will look like when you excel on your field of play, gathered the attention of all the coaches and competition, and receive that college scholarship.

The incredible thing about achieving that dream is…

It doesn’t take hours and hours in the weight room, fighting through plateaus, risking injury. That’s what the successful athletes want you to think.

All you have to do is follow the simple training method I’ve laid out for you in Athletic Calisthenics.
Everyone will notice changes.  Teammates will ask you how you did it.  And your opponents will too.

Because you'll become NOTICEABLY more athletic.

You’ll develop increased levels of body control that will allow you to excel in your sport like never before. 
Are You Satisfied With Your Results?
Many people don’t like the idea of getting rid of the weights in favor of bodyweight training. I don’t either.
But it works.

Do the program exactly how I’ve laid it out and you’ll get results

And if you keep spinning your wheels, getting nowhere with your training…

You need to make a change.

But amazing results don’t come to everybody - No matter what kind of program they’re on.

The kind of results you’re looking for will only come if you’re completely committed to following the steps I’ve set out for you.

You need to decide:

Do you want to continue down your road of mediocre results, missed potential, and average performance?


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