The MOST ADVANCED METHODS to Acquiring the Most Sought After Physique
A way to get the Lean, Athletic, Muscular Body that EVERYONE is Pursuing
Lately, I’ve noticed an interesting trend.

One you’ll want to take note of if you don’t want to fall behind the curve…

All it takes is a simple scroll through Instagram or look at your local magazine rack to see what’s going on.

Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Journal. Hell, even has caught on...

See, there’s been a noticeable shift in what people perceive to be the ultimate physique. 

Back in the day, it was that big, bulky, stiff, and rigid bodybuilder look. But now...
People are chasing a more functional, lean, chiseled, and athletic physique
Guys wanna look LESS like a bulky bodybuilder, and MORE like their favorite athletes:

Top performers like Lebron James, Melvin Gordon, Conor McGregor, Usain Bolt, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

And now, even Hollywood’s TOP Guys are chasing these physiques, not just because the “Athletic Physique” is more appealing and attractive, but because of the 

Ability to MOVE, the lack of stiffness, pings and pangs in their body, and because they can actually USE the body they were given.
Now, in a second...
I’m going to show you just HOW to achieve this Athletic Physique
But first let me introduce myself, 

I’m Chris Barnard. I’m a former ball player and now turned seasoned Strength and Conditioning Coach. 

I also have the unique distinction of coaching athletes in person, as well as around the world, through my Overtime Athletes media outlets, which allows me to access and coach hundreds of thousands of up-and-coming athletes.
With all of that coaching experience, and being an athlete myself, I know what it takes to achieve and maintain an attractive athletic physique that performs like an athlete

And let me tell you...
Most programs don’t have the proper methods to acquire a good looking physique, AND excel on the playing field
And honestly, I’ve seen athletes focus purely on skill work giving them decent performance but no where near put together like the top guys you see
Not a capable, confident, muscular athlete....

But there are also those who focus too much on the bodybuilding side of things. 

They get big, puffy arms that restrict their movement.

They get rigid shoulders that are prone to injury. 
And they acquire tight hips that limit (or eliminate) their explosiveness and speed all for the sake of gaining a little mass.

Which goes to show...
Achieving the Athletic Physique that performs is a very delicate balance.
And not many people know how to do it the right way.

It’s not just 300 yard shuttle runs, rounds of box jumps, and heavy squats.

It’s also not triple drop sets of bench press, curling in the squat rack, or sets of 50 rep calf raises.

It’s not about focusing on a single methodology
The Athletic Build is achieved through a mixture of many different training mechanisms
For example:

A few years ago, I received coaching from a top bodybuilding coach, one who’s coached some of the top names in the industry.

In his dark, grimy garage, I was straining to pump out 100-rep sets, tearing down my muscles in a way I never had before, stimulating my muscles with multiple consecutive sets of different exercises without rest, which led to impressive growth.

When we parted ways, I adopted and modified some of his techniques to make them geared MORE towards achieving an athletic physique.

Things like...
  •  Tri-Sets (which forces your body to stimulate the growth of lean, athletic, muscle)
  •  The Super-Slow Method (which makes the muscle more dense, durable, and functional)
  •  Timed Reps (which contribute to the “Lean, chiseled, well-defined” look most athletes have)
Were then placed side by side with athletic training methods I used with my Pro players. 

Things like...
  •  Triphasic Training (developed by one of the Top College Strength and Conditioning coaches)
  •  The Shock Method (discovered 50 years ago by a Russian Track and Field coach)
  •  Restricted Range Training (designed by Pro Strongman to develop Absolute Strength)
  •  Contrast Training (designed to bring your nervous system power to new limits)
And many more advanced methods

When these were combined,
They created not only the most explosively strong athletes but the biggest, leanest ones at that. 
Simply put the most Savage results I’ve witnessed.
Hell, that’s how this system got its name!

Just a year ago, I released three programs. One called Excel, one called Brick, and one called Sculpt.

These were designed to help you improve your performance, build muscle, and get lean and ripped, respectively.
While these programs were effective, they were simple and based off timeless basics.

I wanted something more ADVANCED.

Something that could build a body that could authentically replicate that of an Elite Athlete in appearance, power, strength, structure, AND athleticism…

Before I go on,
If you’re the type to skip out on repetitions at the end of your set,

If you like to hunch over your phone, scroll through Instagram, and text broads in between exercises,

If you find it hard to give a focused effort in the gym for at least 60 minutes,

If you whine and complain that you don’t have a partner to hold you accountable,


If you jump from program to program, then complain that “you’re not getting results.”

Leave this page NOW.
Because what you’re about to see is something that isn’t for the weak minded
And if I haven’t scared you off yet...

I want to present you with something that WILL upgrade your physique AND physical abilities

Whether you’re an up-and-coming athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who’s not content with mediocrity,

I’ve got something that will improve EVERY facet of your body:
  •  The modern athletic look that EVERYONE is pursuing
  •  Incredible, absolute strength
  •  A vert that’ll have you jumping out the gym!
  •  Speed that Kills
  •  Dynamic displays of POWER
  •  And Rock-Solid Structure
That something is called Athlete Built Savage…
And if you’re ballsy enough to give this program a go, you’ll discover:
  •  An all-encompassing, brutal program designed, and PROVEN, to take your physique AND athleticism to new levels (if you’re savage enough to follow it all the way through).
  •  How to improve your aesthetic symmetry AND elevate your performance with static stretching. (I used to believe static stretching would hinder my performance in the gym. I couldn’t have been more wrong.)
  •  A TELL-ALL of how to keep strength and power levels HIGH while chiseling your body into a ripped, attractive, high-performing MACHINE.
  •  Ways to develop HIGH levels of explosive power that will DIRECTLY carry over to the size and look of your muscles. (Developing your fast-twitch muscle fibers is THE shortcut to looking and feeling more athletic)
  •  The two physical characteristics you MUST develop BEFORE acquiring explosive power (most people forget about these, and it causes stagnating athleticism AND could be a reason behind their physique woes)
  •  There are natural mechanisms that the body utilizes that actually LIMIT your speed and jumping ability. Learn how to inhibit those mechanisms and REMOVE your athletic ceiling.
  •  How to use Limited Range-of-Motion training to increase neuromuscular strength that translates DIRECTLY to your application of it on the field.
  •  Exactly what “Heavy 10s” are, and how they’ll provide a SIGNIFICANT boost in your overall athletic capacity AND the physique you’re chasing
  •  Classic bodybuilding techniques that HEAVILY contribute to your ability to develop Lean, Athletic Muscle by tearing down the muscle so it grows back chiseled and lean. NOT fluid-filled and puffy.
  •  An UNDERUSED method of periodizing core training that’ll pays BIG dividends in my professional athletes’ ability to display power AND melts the fat right off their core (and will do the same for you)
  •  Hall of Fame Track and Field Coach’s secrets to improve your top running velocity, first step force, and running technique.
And there’s more, a whole lot more. 
Like In-depth video lessons for each phase of the program so that you can mentally prepare for the ruthless workouts you’re about to endure.

The best movements (that I’ve found) to pair together when performing an athletic complex (resulting in quick development of type II muscle fibers)

and French and Russian methods of increasing rate of force development (how fast you create force) that lead to more strength AND power.
Print these out, take them to the gym and follow them to experience results starting today.
Easily accessed from your smartphone, laptop or tablet this video library breaks down each movement in the entire Athlete Built Savage system into easy to follow instructions so you get the most of each exercise ensuring jaw dropping results.
Everything that gets measured gets managed. Use these tracking sheets to capture the exact weights used, reps and rest periods so you can see just how much you’re improving each workout
This walks you through the exact method I prescribed to myself and my pro guys. I’ll simply breakdown what you need to do to get these results maximized.
That’s not even all of it...

But, now I want to take the time to take the time to get real with you,
And tell you exactly what’s wrong with this program
Right off the top of my head, I can think of 3 things:

The first is obvious, I’m not there to coach you through the program. 

To make up for that, I’ve provided multiple videos that thoroughly explain EXACTLY how to perform the program AND the mechanisms at work

The second is something I’ve been harping on this whole time we’ve been together… This program is F@#$ing DIFFICULT.

Do you think Lebron James, Melvin Gordon, or Conor McGregor acquired their incredible levels of athleticism, or their physique, by following simple, mushy, soy-boy routines? Sure, they’re all naturally gifted, but they had to WORK to refine those natural talents.

I’ve effectively replicated something that a professional would use to create a more athletic LOOKING and FEELING body. 

And how do I know this is something a professional would use? Because I coach professionals on a regular basis

Now, the third flaw with Athlete Built Savage is...
There’s no money-back guarantee
And there’s a simple reason for that.

I DON’T want people to just dip their toes in the water with this program.

I want them to DIVE HEAD FIRST into the compilation of the most effective training methods out there.

With the removal of the money-back guarantee, it eliminates all the Mediocre-Martys and Hesitant-Hectors from investing in this program, just to request a refund.

I want people who are CERTAIN they’ll follow Athlete Built Savage to the f#%$ing T. I want a gang of people who would be mistaken for professional athletes. And can perform like them too.

And with that being said, I do promise a quality program that will not only transform your body, but also increase your structure, strength, speed, jumping ability, core stability…

The list goes on and on.
If you’re certain you can handle it, Click the Add To Cart Button Below
Before this deal is over...
I want to give one last reminder
Athlete Built Savage is a unique combination of training principles that FORCE your body to mold into that strong, sturdy, sculpted, capable, Athletic Physique.

And inside, I utilize training principles that I, ALONE, use. NEVER have I seen other coaches use some of these methods the way I do.

That’s why I produce athletes that are different, that’s why the people who follow my programs are different...
And YOU can be different too.
Instead of settling for what your friends or teammates see as “good enough”, 

YOU can stand out, 

Acquire the most sought after physique,

EXCEL in life and on the field,

Be a Ferocious Athlete,

Whether you’re doing it for popularity, more attention, or personal glory.

That will INEVITABLY happen, IF and ONLY IF, you invest in, and complete, Athlete Built Savage.

If you’re ready to join the wild tribe, subject yourself to some physical distress, and become a SAVAGE

Hit that button below:
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Just wanted to remind you that I’ve compiled ALL of my most effective training methods into Athlete Built Savage.

Anyone who’s daring enough to fully subject themselves to Savage is setting themselves up to become a Physical BEAST. Because my methods are backed by either years of science, years of experience, or BOTH.

I’ve found what works so you don’t have to waste your time doing the guesswork.

But again, this is the most advanced program I’ve EVER released. 

Mostly because it covers ALL aspects of Athleticism:
  •  Absolute strength
  •  Speed
  •  Acceleration
  •  Speed Mechanics
  •  Vertical Jumping Ability
  •  Power
  •  Mobility
  •  Nutrition
  •  Conditioning
And of course, the most appealing aspect of being an athlete, that chiseled, aesthetic, muscular physique.

So, if you’re hesitant, forget about purchasing.


If you can handle some physical distress, are self-motivating, can push yourself through grueling workouts, and aren’t a complainer, whiner, or slap-dick,

You just might be ready to become a Savage.