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Athletic Strength Formula

A Simple Strength Formula to NEVER Hit A plateau Again
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Here’s a brief sampling of what’s included with your investment in the 12 week Athletic Strength Formula:
  • Simple percentage formulas to start hitting new PR's every single month!
  • A 3 phase approach to improve your relative and absolute strength.
  • An in depth look into how to utilize the little known advanced concept of Triphasic Training. This is the same training that helped me obtain a 44" Vertical and virtually increase strength in every athlete I've worked with.
  • A 12 week structured program specifically designed to get you (the competitive athlete) ready for the upcoming season within the shortest amount of time possible
  • And many more...
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Athletic Strength Formula Success
Added over 90 lbs to my Bench and Squat
In just one off-season I was able to go from 355lbs Bench to 405lbs and my squat went from 455 one rep max to 495lbs for 3 with Chris not letting me go more reps. You can literally go back and watch the Youtube videos of him training me.
- Adaris Bellamy, Collegiate Football Player
'The biggest difference was getting my power clean numbers up'
My college head strength coach asked me to get my Power Clean up this off-season. After 3 months focusing on my deadlift and occasionally working power clean technique I went from 225lbs to 295lbs. By getting my overall strength up in the deadlift the power clean went through the roof.
Darius Williams, Collegiate Football Player
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