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Athlete Built - Savage

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A Perfect Pairing for Sculpt!

We designed Athlete Built Conditioning to plug into the main program to speed and double up your results. With AB Conditioning you’ll be able to plugin quick conditioning workouts that will guarantee you burn more body fat and increase your endurance without hurting your power output. I want to offer it to you for just $19!

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Order Summary
Dynamically Updated
Here are just a few things you will get inside Athlete Built Savage:
  • An all-encompassing, brutal program designed, and PROVEN, to take your physique AND athleticism to new levels (if you’re savage enough to follow it all the way through).
  • How to improve your aesthetic symmetry AND elevate your performance with static stretching. (I used to believe static stretching would hinder my performance in the gym. I couldn’t have been more wrong.)
  • A TELL-ALL of how to keep strength and power levels HIGH while chiseling your body into a ripped, attractive, high-performing MACHINE.
  • How to use Limited Range-of-Motion training to increase neuromuscular strength that translates DIRECTLY to your application of it on the field.
  • An UNDERUSED method of periodizing core training that’ll pays BIG dividends in my professional athletes’ ability to display power AND melts the fat right off their core (and will do the same for you)
  • And many more...
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