Our Process
  •  Assess
First, we must establish a baseline of where the athlete is at. This comes in the form of testing and evaluating the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. Through a  series of physical tests, we’ll determine what level of ability the athlete is at, and determine what is inhibiting their performance.
  •  Strategize
After we assess the athlete, we go to the drawing board to determine which route to take to increase the athlete’s performance, and build a customized program based on their strengths and weaknesses.
  •  Execute
Once the strategy is developed we then execute brick by brick, rep by rep with each training session to apply the right stimulus and amount of stress to the body to get the results we are trying to achieve.
  •  Measure
We can not manage what we can not measure. As we continue to progress the athlete in their training, we must measure performance indicators that are specific to the athlete’s sport.
  •  Compete
Reaching our goal in training must be translated over to the athletes ability to perform in competition. The weight room and everything associated with training is simply a tool to progress the athlete in competition. We are not trying to make them a better “weight lifter” but a better athlete. In this way, what we do in the gym directly translates to on the field performance increases.
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